Thirty Two Counties Meet FLLoCA Threshhold


By Reuben Olita

Thirty-two counties including Busia have enacted climate change laws, established climate change funds, dedicated a county executive committee member in charge of climate change and established climate finance and change units and dedicated an average of 2 per cent of their development budget.

Former Prime Minister, Rt Hon Raila Odinga commisioned the program when he presided over the 7th Annual and final Devolution Conference in Makueni County on Friday.

In speach read by lbert Mwenda, Acting Director General of Budget in the National Treasury’s Directorate of Fiscal and Economic Affairs/CoG.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani said the counties had developed structures to respond to climate change through the support of a World Bank-funded Financing Locally–Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) program.

The National Treasury said Kenya is on course to securing locally-led climate change interventions following the formulation of relevant laws and enforcement units by at least 32 county governments.

Yatani listed over 10 interventions undertaken by the National Treasury including development of regulations for the establishment of National Climate Change Fund.

He lauded the counties of Makueni, Garissa, Isiolo and Kitui for the successful established of county climate change funds to steer climate action at the grassroot.

Yatani’s remarks followed an appeal by the Devolution Donor Working Group for locally-led interventions to support adaptation to climate change and cushion rural communities from adverse effects.

The Chairperson of the working group, Denmark’s envoy to Kenya Amb Ole Thonke, said county governments must take a leading role in formulating adaptive measures even as the national government joins global efforts to mitigate climate change.

“For me if we talk about climate mitigation, that needs a global solution but climate adaptation needs local solutions. That is where the counties come into this picture,” Amb Thonke said.


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