1. There has been an increase of 400% in the funds  disbursed to Western Kenya for development in the current budget  besides devolved funds from a dismal Kshs 2bn to Kshs 8bn to help accelerate completion of government projects. 

2. Some of the projects that Treasury has been supporting in Western and which Wafukho  has taken keen interest in visiting and working with other leaders to see  them accomplished include completing constructions going at Alupe University College in Busia  County in anticipation of University Charter.

Facilitating the establishment Luanda Stone Crushing Factory in Vihiga County which will create jobs for young people and see new value chains around stones that will come from as far as Bungoma to support development of building materials.

Completion of construction of key roads in Bungoma County especially the Brigadier-Tongaren-Naitiri-Misikhu Road that will open up the agricultural belt.

Injection of additional funds into the sugar industry as directed by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta in the latest Economic Stimulus Package in which Nzioa Sugar has received Kshs 500million and with potential to receive more.

3.Strategic changes have seen the President put certain key strategic functions under Treasury.  

This includes the formation of Kenya Transport and Logistics Network that brought together Kenya Railways, Kenya Pipeline and Kenya Ports Authority, with Railways Training Institute being established as the Centre for Excellence for Logistics and Transport Training.

Working with other leaders, Wafukho has pushed for county governments to sponsor young people into the RTI to help them acquire attractive skills to enhance employability. 

He recently presided over the graduation of 2057 such young people. He also visited and facilitated smooth relationships between Kenya Railways and KenHA to ensure that not only does the Kitale-Endebess-Suam road gets completed but that Trans Nzoia county completes the Business  Park meant to benefit more than 6,000 young people. 

4.There has been a recruitment of 194  young professionals by Treasury from across the country including Western Kenya  made up of economists and statisticians whom Wafukho has personally been in touch with to counsel and encourage to pursue the development of their country. 

Some of these young people are directly attached to Wafukho’s office including his technical PA whom he recruited from Trans Nzoia and who is also pursuing his PhD in Economics. 

5.At personal capacity, Wafukho is running youth empowerment program in which he mentors, equips and challenges youth to take up leadership in business, education, sports , research and government. 

He has formed his own advisory team drawn from Western Kenya and across the country made up of young people who are coordinated by his PA and help shape the thinking of the future. 

Some of these young people are being integrated into regional and global think tank  structures.


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