All Kenyans Will Access NHIF Cover


Story/Reuben Olita

All Kenyans will access National Hospital Insurance Cover once the Senate Health Committee which has retreated to Mombasa completes its work on the Universal Health Care Bill.

Narok Senator and a member of the Health Committee in the Senate, Ledama Ole Kina said the bill once enacted will see all Kenyans have access to healthcare.

The Senator was contributing during one of sector breakaway sessions at the 7th Devolution Conference in Makueni under the topic: Climate change and health at the county level: burden, impact, interventions and lessons learnt.

“All Kenyans deserve equal treatment, thus the need to have them access health care without discrimination,” Ole Kina said, assuring Kenyans on the passage of the bill.

The Senator urged Governors to tranform all urban centres into green cities by planting trees, regretting that Nairobi was the best green city, wondering what became of it.

Ole Kina said there is urgent need to amend the Public Finance Act to replace the cash system of accounting with accrual system of financing.

“With cash accounting system you send unused money back to the National Treasury at the end of every financial year. Accrual system is the way to go since it makes counties retain the money for use,” he said, adding that it will reduce complaints from Governors who blame the Treasury for paralysing IFMIS.

Kisumu Governor and CoG Health Committee Chairman, Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o urged counties to set standards in the management of public health institutions.

“We need to remove false notion that private health institutions are better than public health institutions. During the height of Coronavirus pandemic, public institutions emerged the best owing to many facilities including number of isolation beds and Intensive care units,” he said.

Prof Nyong’o said there is need to deal with climate change and not mitigate, thus the need for adaptation Fund, lest COP27 in Cairo in 2022 will not make any difference.


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