Is The Cabinet Getting Too Much Involved In Succession Politics? Response


The cabinet is doing its best in supporting the President to deliver on the promise that he made to Kenyans.under the Big Four Agenda.

“We have the government to run and we really don’t have the luxury of focusing on who will be the next leader to take over from President Uhuru when he retires next year,”.

Kenyans will decide when that time comes.  Right now allow us to  work and support the President to deliver on his promise to the great people of Kenya.

Besides , world history teaches us that people behave like angels before they lay their hands on power but once they do, some of them immediately turn against the very people who helped them to acquire such power. 

Kenyans should be very careful not to hide in their ethnic cocoons but to elect selfless servant leaders who will build on the strong foundation laid by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Eric Simiyu Wafukho Chief Administrative  secretary National treasury and planning


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