Lusaka: ‘I Will Beat Wangamati Hands Down In 2022’


The Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka is confident of sending home Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati in the forthcoming General Election.

Speaking over the weekend when he joined residents of Kibisi village in bidding farewell to veteran journalist John Muganda in Mbakalo Ward, Tongaren Constituency Lusaka said that Wangamati has little to show for the last four years.

Lusaka stated that Wangamati has performed dismally even after he set for him devolution structures as the first Governor of Bungoma County.

‘It is regrettable that Governor Wangamati is unable to ride on the governance structures we set, he has nothing to show, no wonder everywhere you go, people are complaining,” he said.

The Senate boss said his wish was to fight for the interest of the community at a higher level but the people of Bungoma have pressurized him to first ‘complete Bungoma assignment.’

‘I wished to go for the running mate position with one of the leading presidential candidate in the country but when I consulted my people, all of them said I should return and complete what I started in Bungoma, because the county is heading to the dogs with poor leadership,” he said.

The Senate boss stated that with the great support he got a cross the County Wangamati should be prepared to be floored during the next general election.

He also assured residents that he will make it public which party he will use in the forthcoming general election.

“Give me time, I will announce which vehicle I will use at an opportune time, at the moment let’s set structures in place first, a good player can score a goal even if he is naked, it is not a must that if you a nice sports garments you are a good player,” he stated.

He added, “Let my supporters be patient, I will make a public announcement about the party so that we move together but at the moment let’s be issue based and pray about peaceful coexistence,”.

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula has already hinted on various forums that Lusaka will vie for the governorship on his party following their close relationship.

“My candidate for governorship in Bungoma is none other than Lusaka, he will vie for the lucrative seat on Ford Kenya party ticket,” said Wetang’ula during an interview on a local radio station.

However, Lusaka has been elusive and silent on Wetang’ula’s sentiments throwing their political relationship into question.

Lusaka was responding to Bungoma County deputy governor Prof.Charles Ngome who had asked him to dump Wetang’ula and go for a bigger seat.

“You are now a national leader don’t be Hoodwinked by the senator for you to come back for a small seat, just agree with a presidential aspirant and make your name at the national platform,” said Ngome.


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