Wetang’ula: Lusaka Is Ford Kenya’s Candidate For Gubernatorial Race


Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula has revealed that Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka will vie for Bungoma gubernatorial seat in 2022 using his party.

Speaking during an interview with the Royal Media Services Luhya based stations on Wednesday, the Bungoma senator openly stated that the party had picked Lusaka has its candidate.

“Already i have a Gubernatorial candidate In Bungoma county, who is not the current Governor.The candidate is Senate speaker Kenneth Makelo Lusaka, he is out of the country but we have talked few minutes ago,” said Weta.

Lusaka who was the first Bungoma governor from 2013 to 2017 was dislodged from the helm of the devolved unit by the current governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

The Senate speaker has officially declared that he will be going for the seat after finishing his duties at the Senate.

“Turning back doesn’t mean cowardice, I am determined to win this seat, this is after a wider consultation with key stakeholders, voters are demanding that I go back and represent them as their governor,” he said recently.

Wetang’ula has declared to support Lusaka after falling out with Wangamati over unsuccessful coup in Ford Kenya party in May last year.

Wangamati, Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi and his Tongaren counterpart staged a coup in FK party where they wanted to kick out Wetang’ula and replace him with Wamunyinyi as an interim party leader.

However, Weta sought court help hence the case is yet to be heard and determined.

Wetang’ula has openly stated that he won’t vie for Bungoma gubernatorial seat but will instead support Lusaka whom he has been drumming up support for in different functions.

The announcement has jolted Wangamati to start popularizing himself to the electorates through various forums the latest being meeting farmers in every ward who are supposed to benefit from the World bank aid.

Wetang’ula and Wangamati frosty relationship has led them not to see each other eye to eye with Wangamati remaining adamant that he will face Lusaka at the nomination stage in FK party and let the best candidate win.

“I am in Ford Kenya to stay, those thinking that am a coward and will exit the party are day dreaming, we must face each other in the party primaries,” he said.

Others who have publicly declared their interests for the big seat include former Communication Authority of Kenya CEO Francis Wangusi, Nairobi businessman Zachariah Barasa, Kibabii University lecturers Peter Khakina and Sophy Nekoye Waliaula.


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