Wamboka Empowers Bumula Through Funding Mama Mbogas And Ondoa Nyasi Initiative


A Bumula businessman cum politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has continued with his philanthropic work through funding for various projects.

On Saturday, he carried on with his now famous Mabati program which continues to change faces of vulnerable families across Bumula. 

Wamboka build 5 houses to beneficiaries starting with Lunao area, Bumula ward where Benard Mang’eni was a beneficiary.

The growing beneficiaries who are usually picked out by community stakeholders and public administrators are usually in dire need of housing. 

The other beneficiaries included Alex Wekesa Furi of Kamurumba village, duka moja, Kimaeti ward, Widow to mzee Mabonga from Nambale, Napara location. 

Fredrick Wanyonyi of Tulienge B village in Kimaeti ward and David Wanjala from Kitabisi area in the same ward.

The beneficiaries most who are from kimaeti ward lauded Wamboka for the initiative that has changed their homes/lives. 

During his address Wamboka emphasized on his campaign platform and called on locals to continue registering as voters so as to make their voices be heard louder at the ballot next year.

On Sunday morning, Wamboka  continued with his Mama Mboga na Wamboka empowerment program by giving Ksh185,000 to Mama mbogas drawn from Mukwa location, Siboti ward.

During the event that was held early morning to allow Mama mbogas to go to the market, the jubilant traders were thankful for Wamboka as the only son who has remembered the small scale traders.

They pledged to be his ambassadors in the area and will campaign for him to win the Bumula seat.

In addition to boosting their stock, Wamboka also gave out iron sheets towards construction of a house for Wilberforce Wafula Kisaka from the area.

Wamboka urged the traders to walk with him based on his campaign platform pegged on education, health, empowerment and housing that he has rolled out across Bumula. 

“Be Wamboka Ambassadors, rally our people to get registered as voters and let us grow this empowerment journey to something bigger in Parliament,” said Wamboka.


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