USA Based Dr.Mwangale Accuses Wamunyinyi Of Sabotaging Ford Kenya Party


Story/Isaac Wanjekeche

Webuye West parliamentary aspirant,  Philip Mwangale has hit out at Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi accusing him of serving interests against the Ford Kenya party.

The move comes at the backdrop of an ongoing feuds in Ford Kenya leadership pitting Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula and Kanduyi MP.

The two factions are fighting to retain leadership of the Lion party.

The American based doctor has said Mr Wamunyinyi is being used by foreign players to undermine the status and role of Mr Wetangula in quest for power power  bargains.  

“Let’s not allow our political competitors to reduce us to Wamunyinyi canecutter kind of politics, a novice in matters national leadership”, said Mwangale.

“We need someone to bargain on our behalf and Mr Wamunyinyi is not anywhere near national status”, added

Mwangale in a terse press statement. The two factions led by Mr Wetangula and Wamunyinyi are at loggerheads as to which team to authorize a national delegates conference.

Mr Wamunyinyi who bestowed himself status of a party leader has called for an NDC meeting in Kasarani Nairobi on November 6.

Mr Wetang’ula has come out gun blazing terming the meeting as unprocedural and against the party constitution.

Millicent Abudho the deputy secretary general who is allied to Wetang’ula also placed a notice on a daily newspaper inviting delegates for an NDC at Bomas of Kenya on November 4.


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