PHOTOS: Serial Killer Masten Wanjala Killed In Bungoma


A serial children killer MastenWanjala  has been killed in Namakhele village, Mukhweya location, Kabuchai constituency in Bungoma County.

The suspect who is alleged to have killed 13 children and even sucked blood from their veins was killed on Friday morning by the angry mob who spotted him.

Wanjala fled from Jogoo road police station under unclear circumstances leading to the arrest of three police who were on duty.

Confirming the incident Bonface Wanjala of North Bukusu in Mukhweya stated that the suspect was spotted by his friends whom they used to play football together and school going children on Friday morning and started running away.

They shouted and angry villagers pursued him, he ran into a villager’s house and locked himself in but the public broke in, picked and lynched him on the spot.

“He is dead, despite the heavy security presence, the public overpowered them and lynched him, the body is still lying here, it is yet to be picked,” he said. 

The deceased killed 13 children aged between the age of five and 14 in Buema, Mukhweya, Kamukuywa and Nairobi.His friends said he was a good footballer and trainer who was very skilled in the game.


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