Drama As Ford Kenya Factions Sets Different Dates For NDC Meetings


The wrangles in Forum For the Restoration of Democracy Kenya (Ford Kenya party) are far from over.

The two factions led by Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula and coup plotters are engaged in a bitter rivalry over the management of the party.

In May 2020 a group of coup plotters led by Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi, Ford Kenya Secretary General Eseli Simiyu and Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati plotted to overthrow Wetang’ula from the party helm but he rushed to court and sued them.

The coup plotters had accused Wetang’ula who is also the Bungoma Senator of running the party like his own personal kiosk among other issues.

Wetang’ula has been tossing the coup plotters in the corridors of the court and the matter is yet to be determined.

However, the tired faction led by Wamunyinyi who was named the interim chairman and Eseli the SG went ahead to notify the party delegates of the incoming NDC through a newspaper advertisement.

Eseli stated that the last time the party held it’s NDC was way back in 2011 and Wetang’ula has been silent over the same.

The NDC is slated to take place on November 6 at the Moi international sports centre Kasarani in Nairobi.

This notice jolted the Wetang’ula faction to also place another advertisement in one of the dailies to notify delegates of the upcoming NDC slated for November 4.

The Party’s national meeting set to take place at the Bomas of Kenya will help rectify a number of issues including picking its Presidential candidate.The advert was signed by the patty deputy secretary general Millicent Abudho.

On Sunday while addressing the Press in Bumgona, Weta stated that Eseli was an imposter in FK after he was kicked out and replaced for planning to overthrow him.

The senator stated that Eseli had no capacity to run any business in the party after he was barred by the court.

“Let Eseli concentrate on dealing with our enemies, he is working under their instructions and we won’t want to see FK lose its relevance to some few greedy leaders,” said Weta.

So as Wetang’ula plans to hold his NDC on 4th November, Eseli and his group are set to hold theirs on 6th November, let’s wait who will blink first.


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