Sambocho Residents Living In Fear As Unknown Disease Affecting Only Women Ravages The Village


Story/Isaac Tsyamba

Residents of Sambocho Sub-Location in Elgon Ward, Mt Elgon constituency in Bungoma County have called upon well wishers to rescue them from unknown chronic disease that has swept across their locality.

The area which has been invaded by different chronic diseases that has paralyzed development and rendered immobile its victims.

As we traverse the ragged mountainous terrains of Mt Elgon, we manage to meet Mama Naomi Wambulwa who has been sick since 2017.

She vividly recounts how the disease which started as a small growth on her neck, now a big  swollen growth has affected her life rendering her immobilized.

“I just depend on my family members and good Samaritans, the swealing doesn’t give me a piece of mind and it has greatly affected my health to a point that i can’t do anything,” she said.

She started becoming sick way back in 2017 when some swellings resembling a boil appeared on her neck.

“A certain doctor told me to raise Sh10,000 for medication to be treated, my brothers raised the amount, the Doctor refered me to Bungoma West Hospital in Kanduyi but we were shocked again to be told raise another Sh200,000 so that they use Sh20,000 for scanning and Sh180,000 for treatment,” she said.

Naomi (35) says that since they were unable to raise the funds they resolved to go back home and request for well wishers for financial aid.

Her condition worsened and she chose to leave her matrimonial home in Temba Temba, Kimilili constituency and go back to her parents in Mt elgon.

She states that she didn’t want to burden her husband and his relatives.

“I am in deep pain I can’t do anything, I kindly request the County government, humanitarian organizations, well wishers to help me get treatment so that I can go back to normal duties,” she pleaded.

She says that the sickness has wiped her brother’s resources remembering how one of them sold out his only Donkey to help save her life but in vain.

The mother of 7 now breastfeeding twins explains to us that her husband lives with two of their children, two stays with her brothers and now she is  breastfeeding twins though on very difficult conditions.

“I urge all well-wishers to come through for me so that I get back to my normal condition and re-unite with my husband and children,” she said.

Another victim Joan Chemtai (37) and a mother of 9 is ailing with the same condition and says that she has been ailing for more than 3 years now.

“The sickness has affected my marriage to a point that I and my husband stay in separate rooms,” the teary Chemtai narrated.

Evelyn Chematos and Janet Masai are also undergoing the same condition and have explained that raising funds for treatment has been a central challenge to them, pleading with their leaders to support them. 

A nominated MCA at the Bungoma County Assembly Jane Chepkorom Cheperenger explains how she came to learnt about the condition of Mrs wambulwa and other residents with critical conditions and they need immediate relief.

“I received a call from one resident from Sambocho with a message that there’s a lady that needs medical assistance as her health condition is detoriating everyday”

Cheperenger says that she took a bold move to personally visit Mrs Wambulwa at her home and after listening to her and saw the  hardships she was undergoing they set up a committee to enable them raise funds for aiding her medical cost.

“In the County Assembly of Bungoma I sit in the health committee and am urging the department of health in the county to address such like issues, our medical facilities are ill equipped and they lack sufficient drugs,” she said.

The MCA asked the county government to employ more community health workers to sensitize people back in the villages on how to deal with different life challenges and advised residents to seek medical advice instead of just keeping silent on serious matters.

She called upon mt elgon leaders, medical practitioners, aspirants and well-wishers to help in raising the Sh200, 000 required for Mrs Wambulwas treatment.

She added that she will pay for Wambulwas NHIF registration at the same time urging all members of the public to embrace NHIF in order to reduce the burden and poverty that brings about life challenges.

“I want to call upon all leaders both elected and those aspiring leaders to come together and help our people,all those working outside Mt Elgon, let us remember home and our people at large” added Cheperenger.


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