World Hope Missions Kenya Set To Construct An Orphanage In West Bukusu Ward


A non-governmental organization World Hope Mission is set to construct an orphanage in Mayanja Kibuke, West Bukusu Ward in Bumula constituency.

Speaking during the dedication of a house and a vehicle over the weekend, World Hope Mission Managing Director John Walumbe Oltukai stated that it was a God’s calling for him and his friends to help the down trodden in the community.

“We have bought 10 acres of land in Mayanja Kibuke and we are set to build an orphanage but first started with the construction of the mission house which is almost going for roofing,” he said.

Walumbe attributed the success of his organization to proper planning and involving God in their plans.

“We will start with 50 orphans then increase the number with time, their are many children who are suffering outside here after their parents and guardians passing on, they are living in penury,” said Walumbe.

He said that once they have enough facilities later we will cater for more orphans.

World Hope Mission has been on the forefront in helping vulnerable people in the society.

The NGO has been helping the elderly, widows, orphans and bringing youths together through sports.

“Our mission is to ensure that we fight poverty and help our people in a Godly manner so that they understand themselves and turn their lives to God,” stated Walumbe.

The NGO is also planning to have an annual sports tournament in December to nurture youths talent.

“The sports tournament will help unite youths, nurture their talents and stop idleness that can lead them stray,” said the director. 


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