‘I Will Support Sports If Elected In 2022’ -Says Mt Elgon Parliamentary Aspirant Silas Cheren


Story/Tsyamba Isaac

Mt Elgon parliamentary aspirant Silas Cheren has said that if he is elected an Mp in 2022, his government will prioritize and support sports.

Addressing his supporters and football fans on Sunday during the finals for his tournament, Cheren stated that he is ready to serve Elgonians and bring the deserving change.

“I will support and prioritize sports during my regime, Mt Elgon has produced good footballers and athletes in the recent past but the current leadership isn’t nurturing talent anymore,” he said.

He added, Mt Elgon residents have been yearning for good leadership that will be all accommodative including sporting activities and talent nurturing,”.

“Since the country gained independence Mt Elgon alone has been left behind in terms of development of our people who are forced to seek for employment and important services far away from home because of poor leadership and disastrous politics and it has come time for this tradition to end” he attributed it to poor leadership.

Cheren added that he is ready to continue supporting sporting activities in the region since he benefited from sports when in school that saw him land employment at Postbank as an accountant.

“I started playing volleyball ever since I was young, sports is what has made me who I am today and as a way of giving back to the community if given the chance to serve you trust me we will grow our forgotten talents”.

He urged Elgon residents to support him in his vision of bringing the yearned change in the region for them to enjoy servant hood leadership and develop the region similar to other citizens in the republic.

“The ball is in your court, everyone here is talking about change the only thing that will bring that is for you to make a wise decision in August 2022 or else you will be crying again for the next five years so please it’s my humble plea let’s join hands in realizing this dream, ” said Cheren.

Cheren also asked other politicians to execute peaceful campaigns and not to use citizens in carrying out their criminal activities.  


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