Bungoma Lands And Urban Planning Executive Advises Mt Elgon Residents Not To Be Cheap Electorates


By Tsyamba Isaac

A Bungoma county executive member for Lands and Urban Planning Bramwel Murgor has called on Mt Elgon residents to stop being used by political brokers who use them for their benefits.

Addressing believers at showers of blessing church in chemweisus Elgon ward Mt Elgon constituency Murgor said that for a long time voters have been neglected in matters development due to poor representation at the national level.

“Sabaots are perishing because of few brokers and tribalism, Everyone here in Mt Elgon is preaching Ruto and UDA party but how has Ruto benefitted us?,” He posed. 

He added, “Not that am against Ruto, why is it that the other day he came to Bungoma he didn’t reach Mt Elgon, is Mt elgon very far from Webuye, Kimilili or Chwele where the DP passed and empowered voters from there?”
Murgor furthermore persuaded the deputy president William Ruto to come in person, visit Mt Elgon and listen to electorates and hunt for votes not sitting in comfort and except Sabaots votes.

“We want Ruto not to assume that all Sabaots will vote for him and sell his manifesto because this time around it will not be business as usual, have you heard of a sabot minister or Ambassador? This time we want to be included in the government, party politics have undermined our people and the region at large”

He drummed support for Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, praising the county government for developmental projects in the region citing the high altitude training center in Kaptama ward mt elgon constituency (launched during Lusaka’s regime)and dual carriage projects.

“Leave alone those saying governor Wangamati has not delivered as we are speaking he is paying school fees for 4,000 bright but needy students in Bungoma county, bought land for construction of KMTC in kapsokwony among many other beneficial projects for our people” added Murgor 


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