Well-Wishers Rescue Bright But Poor Bungoma Student, Pay His First Year Fees At MMUST


Well-wishers on a popular Bungoma social media platform came to the rescue of a bright boy who had been admitted to a local public university but whose hope of joining were fading fast due to lack of the requisite admission fees.

It was all smiles and relieve for Kevin Wafula Doola when he was finally admitted to Masinde Muliro University of Technology (MMUST), in Kakamega County, on 28th October 2021, when a total fee of Sh27,500 was paid by well-wishers after impromptu fundraising.

 The well-wishers also catered for some of his basic needs.

Doola, who hails from Kimilili Constituency, scored an impressive B+ in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) but his single mother could not afford the modest fees required for his admission to the government sponsored Bachelor of Education (Science). 

He sat his KCSE at St Antony’s Boys High School in Kitale, under a scholarship that did not cater for post-secondary school education.

Distraught and despairing, he approached renowned journalist Mr Otuma Ongalo for menial jobs as he pondered on the future ahead. 

Mr Ongalo, on noting the boy’s potential, highlighted his plight on the popular Bungoma Digest Facebook forum. 

One of the members, Mr Dennis Wakwoma, mobilized other members to rescue the boy. 

The requisite Sh27,500  was immediately raised as members contemplated long-term plans to ensure  completion  of his studies.

“I’m very happy my initiative paid off to ensure such gifted brains do not go down the drain. Unfortunately, such cases are common nationwide but are never highlighted because  many affected students and parents do not know where to seek help,” said Ongalo.

When Horizon News sought his comment, he said, “The would-have- been top academics, corporate chiefs, or even business magnates end up as village irritants and drunkards,”

Wakwoma paid glowing tribute to WhatsApp group, Independent Minds, for mobilizing funds for Doola.

“What we have done is a stopgap measure to ensure that the chance for Kevin is not lost. I have realized that many students are missing out on placements in institutions of higher learning due to lack of school fees. This is something that can be remedied by government institutions and agencies, including county governments and agencies,” he said.

Wakwoma urged the Bungoma County Government to take the leading role in ensuring that no bright but needy student loses opportunity for higher education. 

He hailed Baba Jamari (the Independent Mind WhatsApp group admin), Pam wa Muthami, Sam Watchlonger and Samwana Weks for their leading role in addressing Doola’s plight.

Talking to Horizon news, Doola thanked the well-wishers for restoring hope in his quest for academic excellence. 

“I would really want to thank you for your kind heart to see me through these hard times. Your tireless efforts will ensure that that I finish my academic journey without stress. May the almighty bless you all abundantly,” he said.


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