Prof. Nyukuri: The Untold Story About The Pathetic State Of Wangamati’s Dual Carriageway Road In Bungoma Town


Story/Prof. Nyukuri Barasa

The Road is less than 30 percent complete yet it has spent already over Sh600 million with a pending bill through certificate of payment of over Sh400 million. 

The Road belongs to the Kenya National Highway Authority ( KENHA) as stipulated in the Roads Act 2007. 

All class A, B and C categories are under KENHA.

If the County Government wants to perform the national government function ( read class C33 Sang’alo Junction to Kanduyi Market, there must be a concrete agreement between the two levels of government.

The County government set aside Sh1.3 billion towards the project and it was supposed to take 18 months. The project is about 6.5 Kilometers long.

The national government is supposed to delegate the said road function together with money for the execution of the same as per provisions of Article 187 and Schedule 4 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The Memorandum of Understanding between KENHA and the County Executive Committee Member for Roads did not provide for the transfer of funds to follow the delegated Dual Road Carriage Function.

There were short cuts to the process of transfer of the said road from KENHA to the County Government of Bungoma.

Besides that the ongoing construction has not adhered to the KENHA standards specified in the dual Carriage Road Design.

The layer that has been put on the Class C33 Road from Musikoma Junction to  Kanduyi Junction is very thin and below the required/ recommended standard.

Motorists are suffering so far much from the dual Carriage Road which has taken long to complete, despite the huge investments.

Some parts of the dual road as shown in the video and pictures have long grass and shrubs growing day by day.

The road has no single bill board or signage.
It does not have any diversion and often result into morning and evening jams.

The residents of Khalaba Ward has suffered serious loses resulting from the poorly controlled storm water.

Pregnant woman have suffered a lot  of pain along the Airstrip to Kanduyi Junction Section of the dual Carriage. 

The two contract period running from October 2018  to October 2020 has already expired yet the road is far from being complete.

The balance of the money allocated can not complete the remaining 70percent of the construction work on the said Road.

Wangamati is going to use it as a campaign gimmick by telling people elect me I finish the dual Carriage Road.

Voters should be wise enough to demand for quality Dual Carriage Road as their part of their development rights. 

I wish to remind the County residents and general public that development is a right and not a privilege from Wangamati and his cronies.

Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati must take full responsibility of the poor workmanship and delayed completion of the Dual Carriage Road in Bungoma Town.

The CECM Roads, Public Works and Infrastructure and Chief Officer in the same County Department should be arrested and prosecuted for the poor workmanship and delayed road construction.

The  supervisor, contractor and roads engineer for the Dual Carriage Road should also be arrested and prosecuted for poor quality workmanship.

Needless to point out there are ongoing repairs on the so called completed sections of the dual Carriage Road at KCC go down near Chetambe Area and Next to Mushrooms Hotel Area. This further raises the question of quality of the workmanship for the Road.

“I urge the residents and civil society organizations of Bungoma County should stand firm to say no to conmanship manifested through poor road construction at exaggerated price per kilometer,” he said.

Wangamati is a disaster that should be voted out on the 9th August 2022. He should be replaced by a Transformational Governor who listens to the views and demands of the people of Bungoma.


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