Kabuchai Mp: I am Loyal To Wetang’ula, I haven’t Ditched Ford Kenya For UDA


Kabuchai member of parliament Joseph Majimbo Kalasinga has come out to dispel rumours that he has ditched Ford Kenya for United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Addressing the press in Bungoma town on Sunday, Kalasinga said that his support for Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula is very strong.

“My support for Wetang’ula is unwavering, those thinking that by me attending Dp William Ruto’s rally was away of ditching Ford Kenya should rethink,” he said.

On Thursday, Kalasinga attended Ruto’s rally in Chwele market in Bungoma County and stated his support for Ruto’s presidency in 2022.

“My party leader is Wetang’ula and I will never abandon him, Ruto is my boss in the government and it was a courtesy for me to welcome him so that I seek for development project in my area,” he said.

The legislator added “I am a Ford Kenya party Member of Parliament, Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula who is also the Bungoma Senator is my boss and I will always respect him,”.

Majimbo added that he never delivered Wetang’ula’s greetings but only said I respect my party leader.

The legislator pointed out that he delivered the Senate speaker Ken Lusaka’s greetings and recognized Wetang’ula has his party boss.

The only place he agreed with Ruto is that they all don’t need and will never vote for Odinga.

He called on his critics to stop unhealthy propaganda that will create bad blood.

“If I win the Mps seat next year on Ford Kenya party and Ruto wins the Presidency on UDA, if we meet would I have defected to UDA? Let’s stop petty politics and work for our people,” he stated.

Majimbo said that he has unwavering support for Wetang’ula and meeting the Deputy President William Ruto doesn’t mean that he has defected.

Majimbo emerged the winner in the recent Kabuchai constituency by-election following the death of the area Mp James Mukwe Lusweti.

Kalasinga averred that the Presidential race will be between the Deputy President William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

However, he stated that Ruto will triumph against Odinga because of the current popularity index.

“Raila Odinga is a strong presidential candidate, however, Ruto has endeared himself into the voters through the ‘Hustler tag’, he is on the ground and has managed to convince majority Kenyans,” said the law maker.

Other leaders who have announced their intention to vie for Presidency include ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi among others.


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