Kabuchai Mp Adopts, To Educate Mt Elgon Girl who Trekked 40 Kilometers to seek For Fees Help


It was joy for a form one girl at Kapkirwok high school in Mt Elgon constituency, Bungoma County after Kabuchai Mp Majimbo Kalasinga agreed to educate her.

Purity Yego on Sunday trekked for 40 kilometers from their home in Kopsiro village Mt Elgon constituency to neighboring Kabuchai constituency to seek financial help for school fees from Kabuchai Mp.

Purity who is a total orphan and lives with her grandmother and had stayed at home for three months after she dropped out for lack of school fees.

The 16 years old who hopes to become a Doctor in future after the legislator adopted her as her own daughter and is set the educate her up to University.

Yego stays with her grandmother after her Mum disappeared during the 2007 land clashes while her father’s whereabouts is unknown.

Her grandfather who used to pay for her school fees also passed on in February 2021 living her pondering on the next move.

Due to poverty she dropped out in June after her grandmother who is jobless failed to raise her school fees.

My grandmother tills people’s land for survival, she can’t raise my school fees after my grandpa passed on,” she said.

Due to the prevailing situation the girl braced the bad weather and trekked for 40 Kilometers to the MP’s home in Chwele, Kabuchai constituency hoping to present her issues.

“My burning desire to education forced me to travel for 8 hours to Chwele to meet the Member of Parliament,” she said.

She added, “I had stayed at home since June for lack of fees until my told me about a leader called Kalasinga from Chwele who pays fees for orphans and the poor and I decided to walk to his place for assistance,”she said.

Mp welcomed warmly and offered her food and accommodation despite being a stranger.

Her grandmother Margaret Chemtai Ndiema said that she realized that her grand daughter had disappeared and she didn’t know where she was until she showed up with the Mp.

“I asked her where she was going and she said that she was taking the books to her friend who had requested them and she left but I did not see her return ,”she said.

Majimbo said that he was touched by her plight and decided to adopt her and pay all her fees from form one to university.

He asked Mt Elgon Mp Fred Kapondi to allow him assist the pupil complete her dream of becoming a doctor in the near future.


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