Tongaren Parliamentary Aspirant Decries Poor Infrastructure, Vows To Change Its Face


Sebastian Kikuyu is one the top aspirants who has shown his interest in changing the face of the expansive constituency

Tongaren politician and parliamentary aspirant Sebastian Kikuyu has decried of poor roads network and deplorable infrastructure in the region saying there was need for new leadership in the region.

Speaking in Tongaren, Kikuyu said there was nothing to smile about in the region as many roads were very impassible especially during the rainy seasons.

“You can see for self that it is only Tonagren constituency that has no single tamarack in the netire Bungoma county and all other roads existing are in a sorry state,” he said.

He said the poor state of the roads had dealt a blow to the agriculture sector which is the main source of livelihood of residents who despite getting big yields they could not transport their agriculture produce.

He said this had inturn forced farmers in the region to sell the produce to middle men at a throw away price

He said even the main other social amenities like hospitals and schools were in very poor state and nothing seems to be done.

“We really wonder if we have a leadership because everything in our constituency doesn’t seems to be adding up,” said Kikuyu .

The politician called for anew leadership saying the current MP who was serving the third term had failed the constituency.

Kikuyu has previously, worked on contract for UNEP, Kenya National Bureau of statistics and Kenya National assembly (Parliament) as an ICT expert.

He also served in private companies as Business Development Manager before venturing into his private business that specializes in ICT and Renewable Energy where he is currently serving as the Managing Director.

He said he was best suited to be the Tongaren member of parliament because he was born in a poor family and understood what majority of residents undergo daily.

“The problems of Tongaren can only be fixed with a home grown person who has been through it,” he said .

He cautioned residents not be swayed by party euphoria s saying this had in the past denied resident of good leadership.



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