Kituyi Slams Uhuru For Arm Twisting Some Leaders With Graft Prosecution Threats


Presidential Aspirant Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi has slammed President Uhuru Kenyatta administration of trying to gag other leaders who hold divergent opinions away and have declared to run for elective seats.

Kituyi also faulted Uhuru of using draconian means to stop other aspirants to give way to government projects.

Speaking at Khamoto primary school,  in Maraka ward,Webuye East constituency Bungoma County during the burial of Mzee Charles Wekesa Maruti, Kituyi stated that it was wrong and barbaric to force a certain leaders on Kenyans.

“Those who have broken ranks with the government or are a divergent opinion are always threatened with selective prosecutions which is very wrong, Kenya is a democratic country and every one should be given equal opportunities,” he said.

He called on President Uhuru to respect the perceived opposition political leaders and give them the same campaign space.

“Those who hold divergent opinions are charged with corruption, threats with files ready to be arraigned in courts are all over in order to silence them,” he said.

The former UNACTAD Secretary General averred that those leaders who take a certain stand in politics are threatened with prosecution.

Kituyi stated that corruption must be fought by all not doing it in a selective manner.

“The head of state had blamed the Courts of being very slow in handling graft cases but certain people are being forced to change their political stand,” he added.

The former minister in Kibaki regime added, “Some government officers are selective when carrying out their responsibility in fighting corruption and prosecute thieves of public resources,”.

Kituyi stated that the government of Kenya is weaponizing the war against corruption by applying selective prosecutions.

“You are unlocking a monister whose consequences you don’t know., that monister can continue even when you are out of power,” he stated.

Kituyi added, “Think again in which way you are going to demonstrate fidelity in the fight against corruption and separate it from short term arm twisting for political purposes,”.


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