A New Dawn For Bungoma County As Rebecca Nafula Masibayi Announces This


Story/Mathew Makari

Leadership is a skill and an ability of understanding other peoples needs, problems and finding solutions. 

For along time many Kenyans have been and are still suffering under poor leadership. 

This is the problem facing the whole nation because we are always lured by some small tokens and we end up voting in wrong leaders.

Bungoma as a county has been a victim especially from the office of women representative. 

No tangible project from that  office has benefitted our people. In the coming general elections we must avoid the mistakes we committed in the previous elections.

Today amongst all the aspirants vying for Woman representative seat from Bungoma county we only have one hope.

We must work smart and ensure that she wins the elections,she will rescue Bungoma residents. Rebecca Nafula Masibayi is the only option.

As a classroom teacher for a very long time and also a leader in the society she understands and knows how to respond and handle various emerging issues.

Voting Rebecca in, is voting in better and improved lifestyle. In her capacity she has been able to do the following

▪Provision of Moral education to parents and guardians to provide good care especially to both school going and children at home across Bungoma county.

▪ Safety of the less fortunate youth from defilement/ rape and Sodomy for boys and ensuring that culprits are brought to book. Should you come across it report and immediate action shall be taken.

▪ Since 2008 and being founder member of the Girl child advocacy initiative organization madam has been of great importance to our youth. 

Through the organization and together with the BULATEA GROUP, they have supported many (First youth graduated last year from Moi University). 

This should serve as a wake up call upon partners and well wishers to join the initiative.


▪On covid 19 pandemic, in her own capacity as a classroom teacher she provided sanitary pads to school girls, facemasks, sanitizers and Jerrycans especially in busy streets across Bungoma county besides public awareness creation on covid 19 pandemic government guidelines.

▪She is a founder member of women empowerment groups across the county.

▪ She has  injected a lot of synergy into several youth groups and CBOs. This has seen the groups firm and in continuous progression.

It is in this regard and belief that she is of the highest conviction that if assisted and accorded an expansive platform, she could even perform much more better than that of yesterday.

You are therefore hereby once again called upon to uphold and solidify your resolve towards this course. 

Thank you so much Bungomans for your continued  trust in her and her expansive name branding. 

She is a leader focused to serve. Rebecca is 
▪From Bungoma County. Resident of Bumula, West Bukusu Ward/Kanduyi ▪Teacher by profession and Practice ▪Unionist, KUPPET TREASURER, Bungoma County▪Secretary, Girls Advocacy Initiative (GAI)
▪Always at the service of humanity.Bungoma should embrace this noble leader. They are scarce.
Mathew Makari.makarimathew92@gmail.com.
Mathew is an academic,script and article/content writer.


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