Kenya, Uganda Endorse The Multipurpose Angololo Trans-boundary Water Project


Story/Reuben Olita

Stakeholders drawn from Kenya and Uganda have confirmed as feasible the Angololo Transboundary multipurpose water resources development project, thus providing the Nile Basin Initiative/NELSAP- Coordination Unit to undertake Feasibility Studies with detailed design and tender documentation.

The decision was reached after a two-day Angololo Feasibility Study and Resentlement Action Plan (RAP) Validation Workshop at Hotel Afrique in Busia Town on Saturday and a visit to the dam site at Kamachar and Adumai and irrigation site in Koruruma and Osajai in Teso Noth Sub County.

Several key stakeholders who attended the workshop were upbeat that the project is economically viable and should proceed to the next stage of detailed design and implementation to enable residents reap from economies of scale.

Director for water in the County Government of Busia, James Imwene said the project involves construction of a dam, water supply component that will serve the people of Busia County, Teso North Sub County and the neighbouring Mella and Tororo Sub Counties in Uganda.

” The addition of hydropower and water treatment plans adds value with little additional investment, increasing the Financial Rate of Return from 7.3 per cent to 8.4%,” he said

Director Irrigation and Land Reclamation. Engineer Dismas Odula said the irrigation component will increase water supply, improve livelihoods through diversification of socio-economic activities, improved food security, aquaculture, improved hygiene due to water availability, employment opportunities, poverty reduction, increased income and improved nutrition status from a diversity of crops (fruits and vegetables.

He said the total land under irrigation will be 3,300 hectares with 1,800ha in Kenya while Uganda will irrigate 1,500ha; this will be a big plus for Kenya, especially the County Government of Busia.

” The project has embraced gravity system which is the way to go. Water from Mt Elgon is the solution to solving water challenges in Busis County,” Eng Odula said.

Opportunities in the project area include blue economy opportunities, green growth opportunities (biogas, wind and solar energy), ecotourism, river bank and water conseration, climate resilience activities: apiculture due to proximity of forest retics, agroforestry, sustainable land management practices, value addition and soil conservation measures.

The net command area of 3,300 ha has 2,370ha small scale “univeral” patter, 165ha rice pattern, 165ha fodder, 600ha large scale.

Hydopower of 1.2Megawatts capacity, generating 7,760 Megawatts-hour per annum, portable water supply of 1.86MCM per annum.

The projected cost of the project in US Dollars includes 43.3m for the dam, 27.5m (irrigation), 2m (hydropower) and 1.9m (water supply and livestock).

The project will supply water to 20,000 people and generate 1.75MW and in total benefit 127,000 people. An 8m road on either side of the river in Kenya and Uganda will be constructed.


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