Prof.Nyukuri: Wangamati’s Free NHIF Programme And Biometric Registration Is A Stinking Scam


Story/Prof.Barasa Nyukuri

Perhaps we may need to recollect that Governor Wangamati had previously promised to enrol about a hundred (100) households in each of the 45 Wards in Bungoma County on free NHIF Cover per annum with a possibility of gradually scaling it up towards the UHC status as elaborated in Kenya’s Health Policy.

 Such a step requires an institutional capacity status coupled with sufficient budgetary provision. Enrolling 4,500 Households would have required an annual budget of about Sh27,000,00 (twenty seven million only). 

“It is a no brainer that Bungoma County Government did not factor any funds in its Annual Estimates FY 2021/2022 towards enrolling vulnerable Households in the 45 Wards and therefore purporting to do so amounts to a big fat lie,” he said.

 Nyukuri added, “The truth is that the on-going NHIF Programme and Biometric Registration is purely bankrolled by the National Government (under the UHC pillar) where it (National Government) is paying free NHIF Cover for 4,310 households in Bumula Sub-County translating to about 616 Households per the 45 Wards,”.

 I am not surprised that Governor Wangamati led his entire Executive on the much hyped “Wangamati NHIF Programme and Biometric Registration” last week and the better part of this week in Bungoma County on a Programme purely funded by the National Government. 

This is merely a continuation of the deceit by the Wangamati regime since last year when the Governor’s Press Service told all and sundry that Governor Wangamati had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Government (Ministry of Health) to ensure that “all the vulnerable citizenry in Bungoma County” have access to free National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). 

Attempting to take political capital out of a  Program purely bankrolled by the National Government is dishonesty of the highest order. The whole drama gives the impression of a Governor clutching at straws as August 2022 fast approaches.


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