Wamboka’s Ondoa Nyasi Initiative Lands In Mwiyenga And Sikinga Villages As Beneficiaries List Grows


Bumula politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has continued with his development programmes as he gears up for the 2022 race. 

In Mwiyenga village of Kimaeti ward which is an area of current Bumula Mp, Wamboka officiated the construction of a house to Mzee Vincent Mang’ara Nasembe and his wife Mama Mary Mang’ara who are neighbors to the Mp.

The family had been living in a grass thatched house and unhygienic environment but thanks to Wanami Wamboka they have a roof to smile and live a better life. 

Mzee Mang’ara was full of praise to Bumula son Wamboka for his efforts to support the society and people. 

“Since I was born, no politician has touched my life like Wamboka has done today. We are neighbors to the mp but we only see his vehicle pass to his home as we suffer. God bless you Wamboka,” said Mzee Mang’ara. 

In 2018, Bumula Mp fundraiser to help construct houses for locals flopped and he was accused of swindling the all important ironsheets that would benefit his people including mzee mang’ara. 

After Kimaeti, the team headed to Sikinga village, Mabusi location in Bumula ward for another Housing initiative. 

Here the chairman of Balonja clan in the area mzee Albert Simiyu Lwalo was the beneficiary after years of living in a grass thatched house, mzee Lwalo now has an iron sheets roof for his family. 

During the event, locals thronged the home and joined team Wamboka in constructing the all Important house for the elder. 

Mzee thanked Wamboka for his generosity and remembering him and promised to rally his clan to stand with Wamboka so that he can continue touching more lives.

The Housing pillar which is just among the 4 campaign pillars of Jack Wanami Wamboka is meant to construct 100 houses to households across Bumula constituency. 

Team Wamboka that spearheaded the Ondoa Nyasi initiative was led by Peter Makhwaya and Dan Sawa. 

The team had earlier in the day also joined locals in mourning with bereaved families as has always been the norm.

Next weekend, the team will be launching an NHIF sponsorship program targeting 300 indigents and over 3,000 beneficiaries, Biometric registration and Covid_19 vaccination to locals.


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