Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi Transforms Igembe Region


Story/Meru Governor’s Press Team

As MP for Imenti South Constituency, Kiraitu Murungi discovered that one of the easiest way to fight poverty, improve livelihoods and the general living standards of its people.

The governor is set to provide them with sufficient water for domestic use and agricultural uses, which has a transcendental effect of cutting down poverty by up to 50%.

He provided water everywhere in the area and promoted banana production and since then, the Constituency has never been in need of relief food.

It is with this knowledge that when he became Governor of Meru in 2017, Kiraitu set out to transform the areas of Meru which are driest and which are most regularly hit by famine and drought in Igembe, Tigania and Buuri.

In Igembe region where in Ntonyiri (Igembe North), for instance, a whole Constituency has no a single permanent river, Governor Kiraitu has so far sunk 74 high yielding, solar-powered boreholes which are easy to maintain as opposed to use of electricity to pump water which would have been unbearable to residents.

With this water, residents of Igembe are now practicing subsistence agriculture for high value crops and dairy farming, as well as watering their Miraa.

Igembe residents will also receive a large proportion of the 8,000 water tanks and water pipes for 24 water projects across the County valued at Sh30 million which were recently flagged by Governor Kiraitu to boost water storage and usage, which are currently being distributed through the County Department of Water and Irrigation.

In addition, through the NARIGP program Governor Kiraitu Murungi has availed finances/money to Igembe farmers to modernize and improve their agriculture.

Since 2017, Governor Kiraitu has released Sh91.4 million directly to 257 groups of farmers across Igembe region.

The Governor has committed that by end of his first five years, he will have transformed Igembe and other formerly arid regions of Meru like Ruiri Rwarera in Buuri, into a food basket for both the County of Meru and the country at large.


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