Bungoma County Assembly Staff Asked To Resume Duty Immediately


Bungoma County Assembly Staff have been asked to resume duty immediately to avoid being sacked.

Kenya County Government Workers Union Leaders in Bungoma County have demanded that the assembly staff takes up their roles to help MCAs pass the 2021/22 financial budget.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, the Union Chairman Evans Manyilila revealed that the assembly workers go slow was hurting the county services.

“Since they locked up the assembly chamber last week all services have been paralyzed, we need them to resume work to enable MCAs approve the budget because at the moment everything is at stand still,” he stated.

Manyilila stated that the continued picketing will land them (assembly staff) in trouble if they are sacked because the union won’t fight for their affairs.

“They didn’t follow the right procedure before picking up the assembly Chambers, they did not notify their Union, we could have organized for a demonstration parade to alert the executive before they could stage the main picketing, it is sad for them if they are sacked,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Mr.Florian Nganga, the union secretary general who demanded the assembly workers to resume duty to avoid being sacked.

“If somebody files the case in court now, it is likely that all of them will be sacked, they never alerted the union that they were going onna go slow otherwise we would have advised them accordingly,” said Nganga.

The unionist stated that if they can’t resume duty and allow MCAs to pass the budget, they won’t get their monthly salaries something that will hound them too.

He stated that as a union they haven’t received any grievances from the county assembly employees and it is in bad faith to paralyze all services.

“We are already missing the July salary and the August one might also be missed if the budget isn’t approved now and cash released by the national treasury, let them be humane enough,” he requested.

He noted that water and electricity have been disconnected in the county government offices and the budget should be approved immediately to address such issues.

The Union treasurer Wenslaus Puria asked the staff to be a bridge between the assembly and the executive but not to hurt the existing relationship.

“Let us resume duty and sort out the other issues later, we can’t continue with a slow yet the budget needs to be passed so that the scholarship cash can be released to various secondary schools, let us resume work so that every process can flow well,” said Puria.

The assembly staff locked up the chamber protesting the budget amendments that would see them lose Sh120 million which will be diverted to the executive.

The assembly’s Sh100 million for recurrent expenditure and Sh20 million for development needs to be diverted to the executive for roads projects.

The amendment moved by Mbakalo ward MCA Bethwel Mwambu have received protests from the assembly staff who term it as humiliation of the highest order.


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