Busia County, Impact Malaria To Conduct Study On Success Of Anti-Malaria Drugs


By Reuben Olita

The National Malaria program in partnership with the County Government of Busia, Impact Malaria and PMI will conduct a treatment efficacy study to assess the success of the first and second line anti malaria drugs in managing the parasite transmitted by the bite of a female anopheles mosquito.

Chief of Party PMI Impact Malaria Dickson Mwakangalu said the study to be carried out in October will be based on recent evidence that Busia-Uganda had shown some possibility resistance to AL drugs.

Speaking at the Busia Health offices in Busia town when he paid a courtesy call to the Chief Officers of Health and Sanitation Dr Isaac Omeri ( Medical Services) and Jonathan Ino (Public Health), Mwakangalu said the study will target children under the age of five years especially those visiting health facilities with fever symptoms.

“There is a possibility of some people from Busia Kenya being bitten by mosquitos as they cross over to Busia-Uganda and vice versa. And that is why we want to be on top of the parasite and generate new evidence and science to help us keep working better, ” he stressed.

He further added that: “If we have a sample size of 200 for Busia County we hope that within three months we will be able to enroll the participants. The World Health Organization recommends these studies be done in countries that have Malaria atleast every two or three years”

Dr Omeri appreciated efforts by Impact Malaria whose projects are 85 per cent in terms of coverage in the County, adding that the County will fully support the study.

“The time when we are being treated with chloroquine we thought that was all but when research came in it unfolded the weaknesses of that treatment,”

Chief Ino said the budget deficiency has affected the health sector emphasizing the need for more support to benefit locals in terms of services.

Present were Director Public Health Dr Melsah Lutomia, County Health Administrator Ali Atemba, Busia County Malaria Coordinator Dr Oluoch Onyango, County Pharmacist Dr Abiud Machuki, Senior Technical Adviser
PMI Impact Malaria Dr Augustine Ngindu and PMI Impact Malaria Technical Officer Busia Seraphine Nthenge among others.


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