Busia: DG Mulomi Assures Residents, There Is No Fertility Challenges In Covid-19 Vaccine


Story/Reuben Olita

Busia Deputy Governor, Moses Mulomi has underscored the importance of residents getting vaccinated against Coronavirus (Covid-19), dismissing claims that the vaccine causes fertility problems.

H.E Mulomi, who is also the acting Health Executive, said the reports are unfounded considering that nothing has been confirmed to be true in line with the rumours and myths pertaining the jab.

“There are people spreading rumours that Covid-19 vaccine causes infertility which is false. The vaccines have protected us against different diseases since our childhood,” he said, adding that the vaccine reduces the risk of contracting the pandemic.

Speaking in Bunyala North Ward, Mulomi urged locals to ensure they are vaccinated to prevent sudden deaths related to Covid-19 complications, stressing that it will strengthen the journey towards realizing hard immunity.

He warned that if the issue of vaccination will not be taken seriously, locals will continue wearing masks for a very long period.

“The persons vaccinated will not experience severe illness as compared to the ones who have not received the jab. Let us come out in large numbers and be vaccinated at various health facilities once the vaccines arrives in the County,” he appealed.

The DG further emphasized the need for residents to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines to curb the spread of Covid-19 by wearing masks, observing social distance and washing of hands with soap and running water.

He was accompanied by Busia Chief Officer of Health and Sanitation Dr Isaac Omeri and the Director Public Health Dr Melsah Lutomia.

The DGs remarks comes at a time the Country has received at least 410,000 doses of AstraZenaca Covid-19 vaccine that arrived last week.

The UK government has also promised to send 407,000 more via the Covax facility.

The Ministry of Health has adminstred about two million doses since March this year with slightly under 700,000 people fully vaccinated.


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