Wamboka’s Mama Mbogas Program Comes To A Close In West Bukusu Ward, Focus Shifts To NHIF Cover


A renowned politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has renewed his energy by financially supporting Mama Mbogas in Bumula constituency.

Wamboka injected Sh240,000 to Mama Mbogas na Wamboka drive in Kibuke, West Bukusu ward towards growth of the key small but vital businesses.

The philanthropist underscored the need of small scale businesses to be boosted especially during this Corona time.

“I am very happy when I stand with with Wamama who are doing small businesses, this is the surest way of helping them their own economic independence,” said Wamboka.

He is amongst a group of politicians who are crisscrossing the region in a bid to unseat the current Mp Mwambu Mabonga.

This marks the 7th and final ward in regards to this agenda that he bankrolled in the entire constituency with a sole objective of empowering the small scale businesses acute aware that they were most hit with Pandemic.

Today’s event in Kibuke marks the end to the mama mboga na Wamboka Program and the now focuses on the _Matibabu na Wamboka_, NHIF programme to be launched  on 28th this month. 

Wamboka also took the opportunity  to  sensitize the community  on matters  Covid 19 and distributed masks  to the residents. 

Through his pillars (Education, Health, housing and Empowerments), Wamboka hopes to impact the livelihoods of his Bumula constituency people.


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