Civil Society Rejects Bungoma County Gov’t Proposed Budget, To Seek Court Redress


The Civil Society members based in Bungoma County have rejected the 2021/22 proposed budget estimates.

The lobby groups claims that there was no public participation during the budget making process making it null and void.

They have vowed to block the budget  passage in court and also right to the controller of budget citing illegalities.

Speaking at Milimani Rock Gardens Hotel in Musikoma on Tuesday, the CSOs members led by Philip Wekesa said that the budget must originate from the public but the executive by passed that stage.

They were meeting with the County Assembly committee on finance over the budget of 2021/22. 

“We are requesting the County Assembly l to return the budget to the executive because of many illegalities in it,” said Wekesa of Citizens For Good Governance Organization. 

He continued, “There is a glaring non- compliance with the law CoK 2010 article 10 (1, 2) PFM act 2012, there is also no evidence of public involvement in the budget making process,”.  

Wekesa revealed that there was no consultation between County Budget and Economic Forum and all stakeholders were never involved. 

“The budget belongs to citizens because money belongs to residents, therefore the executive and the assembly should have involved them,” he said. 

The Deadlines for presenting the budget to the county assembly for approval by MCAs was in appril 2021 but it failed.

“My organisation will petition the controller of budget to stop development money for the financial year 2021/2022 and still we will seek court redress,” he said.

Wekesa added, “We will allow the recurrent budget to proceed but we will stop development budget because of lack of public input,”

He stated that they won’t discuss budget estimates that does not come from the public. 

“We have presented our memorandums and a petition on the same to the Committee,” he said.

He said that the budget is suspect budget and the public will suffer unirreparable damage if Assembly approves it the way it is.


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