BUYA Warns Politicians Against Using Youths As Agents Of Violence


A youth movement Bungoma Youth Agenda (BUYA) has condemned politicians against using youths as agents of violence.

Addressing the press in Bungoma town BUYA top leadership revealed that unemployment was the main cause that plunges youths into such barbaric acts.

“We can come up with ways of helping youths start small businesses that can salvage them economically instead of using them to cause violence which may end up being fall to a number of them,” said Buya Secretary General Ignatius Nyukuri.

He started that majority youths are educated but the unemployment rate is very high something that has made them device many ways for survival.

“However, the means they are using to get money is wrong, it can end up costing them their lives, let politicians look for a way out to help such youths to empower them financially instead of using them as agents of violence,” he said.

Nyukuri has called on the national government through the office of the interior CS Fred Matiang’i to carry out investigations and those found guilty be prosecuted.

“Those taking advantage of youth by giving them small tokens to disrupt and threaten the peaceful atmosphere during such events should face the law and be banned from running any office,” 

He said said that leaders should be an inspiration to the youth and entire population, they should be role models but currently youths are in danger of losing their sober youths because a section of leaders has decided to misuse them.

His sentiments were echoed by Stephen Khaemba the Buya Chairman who pointed out that they are against the several cases of violence that have been witnessed in recent past.

“The growing political violence and intolerance is not good for Bungoma County, it will scare away investors who would have invested here and create job opportunities for our youths,” said Nyongesa.

He revealed that the use of youths to cause chaos during events was wrong and as a youth movement they were calling for the end of such barbaric, progressive and outdated acts.

The Movement’s treasurer Paul Kamala strongly condemned and rebuked the perpetrators of such acts who he believes are politicians who have failed to lead by example.

“We wish to condemn and caution the entire youth fraternity across Bungoma County to completely be unavailable to any calls of violence by politicians,” he said.


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