Australian Based Kenyan Announces His Bid To Unseat Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa


An Australian based Kenyan has announced his bid to unseat the current Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa.

Speaking in Kimilili town on Wednesday, Michael Koloboy opined that he had heard the cries of majority voters and has decided to throw himself in the ring in order to liberate them.

Koloboy revealed that he will economically empower Youths, women and vulnerable groups to be given priority in terms of CDF tenders.

“The current Mp has been using CDF money to campaign for his return in 2022, this is against the law since the funds are supposed to develop the region not using it to advance his political ambition,” he warned.

Koloboy alleged CDF money meant for Kimilili constituency has been empowering outsiders through contracts hence denying locals a chance to economically empower themselves.

“I will build academies to nurture talents and ensure they reap big from it, youths are the most vulnerable people who are supposed to be financially empowered,” he said.

He added, ‘I will use CDF money to construct police houses to manage insecurity that is rife in the constituency,”.

He blamed the incumbent for using youths to fight each other through handouts.

“I have constructed boreholes to help get clean water for majority residents using my own funds, this is to help reduce the use of dirty water that can spread water borne diseases,” said Koloboy.

He stated that lack of medicine in hospitals has led to many deaths which should have been avoided if the right priorities in place.

“I will unite all residents to see development in the constituency if am elected in 2022,” said Koloboy.

He however failed to mention the vehicle he will use has in terms of the party.

“Parties matter a lot but it is the residents who will direct me on which one to use but at the moment am still consulting widely,” he said.


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