Bungoma: Farmer Elated After Cow Gives Birth To Two Calves


It was double joy for a Bungoma farmer as his cow gave birth to two calves.

Residents flocked the home of Mr. Kalidas Oketch (80) a retired Public Works Officer in Blue Waves Estate near Kanduyi DEB primary school in Bungoma town to see for the themselves the wonders of the World.

They were shocked by a bizarre incident after a cow gave birth to two calves.

The female calves were born healthy on July 6, 2021 at about 5am and they were assisted by the mother of the house.

“This is God’s wonders, I never expected the indigenous cow to surprise me like this, God works in a miraculous way,” said Oketch.

Mama Matilda Ajiambo Oketch a retired nurse, revealed that the cow was bought in 2017.

“The twins are the second born from this cow, it first calved its first male calf four years ago in 2018,” she said

The elated Ajiambo added, “I have other cows, a mixture of both grade and indigenous cows, the mother of the two calves is a local one,”.

Ajiambo (73), retired in 2007 and embraced farming especially cattle rearing and maize farming.

“I also rear local chicken on my farm to supplement and support purchasing of medicine for cows but mostly they are kept on free range system,” she said.

Ajiambo revealed that on a day her grade cow produces 20 litres of milk which is domestically used while the surplus is sold to neighbours.


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