Bungoma: Delay In Budget Tabling Hurts Maternal And Newborn Health -Activist


Story/Tony Wafula

Human rights activists in Bungoma County have accused the County Executives, The county governor and Members of the county assembly for delaying to approve the budget for the 2021/22. 

The crisis has greatly affected service delivery in the health sector.

Speaking to the press, Phillip Wekesa of Citizen for good governance noted that the delay has hindered the offering of primary services to maternal and newborn babies.

“We are not seeing any productive efforts in the health sector, instead governor Wangamati is involved in a war of words with the assembly speaker over the approval of the 2021/2022 budget,’’ Wekesa said.

Wekesa blamed the county executives for pushing the budget to be approved by the assembly without contacting public participation since the citizens must be informed of what the government is planning for them.

“Executives have taken this county for granted, they have failed to deliver on what they promised the citizens during campaigns,’’ he said.

However, the human rights activist added that the county has no emergency team since funds allocated for the same were squandered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his appeal, Wekesa urged the county health ministry to set up plans to allow special service providers and emergency response teams to work during the curfew enforcement hours and attend to pregnant women who might need immediate care.

“The county health team should come up with a response team to deal with health emergency cases at night, ‘’ he pledged.

George Makari, Chairman of the health committee at the assembly also Musikoma ward MCA accused county governor and his Executives for failing to pay health workers salaries adding that May and June salaries were released from treasury asking Bungoma governor to shed light on how funds were spent.

“On May, 28, 2021, Sh391 Million was released from treasury to pay Bungoma county workers including health service providers but because Governor Wangamati and his team want to joyride using public money they have failed to pay health workers who have now downed tool paralyzing health services’’ Makari added.


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