Popular Bungoma Female Artist Hospitalized Over Alleged Food Poisoning


A popular local female artist is battling for her life in hospital after what is alleged to be food poisoning.

The Western based local Musician is said to have been drugged after performing in a local club as a curtain raiser.

Carolyne Wekesa who goes by the stage name Namuenge Bukusu Darling is in critical condition in undisclosed hospital.

The artist was born and raised in Mashambani Estate in Khalaba ward, Bungoma town.

The event had attracted another upcoming artist Chris Kanya who has since announced quitting the music industry after falling out with the popular comedian Choffuri.

A source told Horizon News that the bad blood between the local musicians might have escalated to the poisoning of one of them or she might have eaten bad food.

“She is in serious condition, she needs your prayer, the Doctors are working to resuscitate her life, all we need is prayers,” said a source who asked for anonymity.

It was not immediately revealed where she took food from but the source revealed that some artists were not happy with her performance which might have wowed more fans than the day’s guest performer.

“We are saddened by the turn of events, this is very wrong, the direction artists are taking might scare upcoming ones, let’s be our brothers keepers,” said the source.

Namuenge is popularly known for her hitting tracks like Bandu basimane, bunulu mbambe mbambe, mumilimo, okhoya wiyaye, mwamubonekho, let’s come together and birthday party among others.

She performs her songs majorly in Bukusu language and a mixture of kiswahili and English.

She started recording her songs in 2020 and had so far composed and released 16 songs.

During the previous interview with this blog, she revealed that her songs are doing well and have received airplay on Citizen TV and other other local TV and Radio stations.

“Some of my songs are doing well on my YouTube channel, please subscribing,” she said.

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