Reprieve For 2 Chewoyet High School KCSE Candidates Chased Over Fee Arrears, Allowed Back In Class


Two students who are supposed to register for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education at Chewoyet High School and who had huge fee balance have been admitted back in class.

The duo Elvis Krop has the fee balance of Ksh 29,000 while Jonathan Kishaunet has the arrears Ksh 49,000 which will be settled by the county government and the Chewoyet high school board of management. 

This followed an extensive meeting between Lomut ward MCA Nancy Chombir, political activist Abraham Kibet and the school management led by the principal Mr.Kiminisi Barasa.

“We visited Chewoyet high School and together with the management have amicably ironed out yesterday’s issues,” said Kibet. 

He added, “This followed an incident where I led Wananchi to Chewoyet high school and demanded for the two needy students who had been chased away from the school to register for exams and carry on with their studies,”.

Apart from the School Principal, others during a successful meeting included the deputy principal Mr. Kisiangani, deputy 2 Kariuki, And DOS Amos Wasike.

The two students had been sent parking at 6pm on Tuesday and were stranded at Makutano town in Kapenguria where they were unable to raise transport to enable travel back home some 350 kilometres away. 

During the meeting the following were the highlights;

“That, the students named Jonathan Kishaunet and Elvis Krop all of them form Four candidates are back in school They are currently sitting for assessment exams,”.

That the students come from poor backgrounds but they didn’t notify their plight to the school. One student Elvis Krop was helped with form one fees  with donations from well wishers through North Rift radio. 

That, they had decided to drop from Chewoyet high school due to accumulated fee arrears and had decided to quit the learning institution in pretext of joining other schools. 

That, they were in process of clearing from the school and transfer to other schools. That’s why they were given back their belongings!

That, they were never chased out of indisciplined but failed to attend classes after they feared to report to school due to lack of fees. 

That, the School Management now with collaboration with County Government will see how to clear their fees but allow them register for exams! The principal has stopped their expulsion! 

“Nothing pains to see lives of young Kenyans perish due to lack of money. That’s why I call upon all schools to have guide and counseling departments so that they can attend to needy cases,” said Kibet. 

He added, “This will help nature the students and protect them from system abuse. I call this abuse because it’s a system built by capitalism ideals where those who have, have it, and those who don’t have, don’t have it,”. 

We therefore call upon all public, to remain calm and offer the school necessary support. We must also protect the image of the school!


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