Zachariah Baraza Confident Of Unseating Wangamati From Power in 2022


Bungoma Liberation patron Zachariah Baraza has officially announced to go for the area gubernatorial race.

Speaking during several functions across Bumula and Kanduyi constituencies, Baraza who is the political activist revealed that both previous and current governors have failed voters.

He launched attacks on former governor Ken Lusaka and the current one Wycliffe Wangamati for failing to fulfil what they pledged during their campaigns.

“You need to elect a leader who will not squander public resources, a leader who is development conscious, some of those who are in leadership are a total disgrace to voters,” he said.

Baraza who is a Nairobi based business man and philanthropist called on Bungoma Residents to makes nice decision that will see them elect a governor who will help them realize the value of their money.

“If elected I will ensure that all the monies meant for development go towards the same so that we can wipe out poverty amidst us, the money is meant to launch different development projects and will do so,” he said.

He said that during his tenure as the first governor Lusaka squandered all the opportunities through purchasing expensive wheelbarrows and also sold New Ford Kenya party without consultation whosoever.

“Such leaders should not be allowed back because he failed you, he squandered the opportunities and thus is not fit for elected leadership,” he said.

On Wangamati, Baraza pointed out that his election was the biggest mistake Bungoma voters did.

“He wasn’t meant to lead a county, he was best suited to be a CEO of an organization, leadership comes from God but on Wangamati no,” he said.

Baraza stated that the purchase of a 20 litre Jerrycan at Sh10,000 each, failing to pay employees their salaries and the run away corruption are some of the issues that has bedevilled Wangamati’s administration.

“He was also planning to sell Nzoia sugar company but I sponsored some activists to file a case in court, if I had kept quite, the only available local public firm would have been disposed off at a throwaway price,” he said.

He attended several burial ceremonies and presided over Harambees in aid of various groups and later met Boda boda operators in different stages.


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