CAS Agriculture In Arusha To Attend East Africa Community Meeting: PHOTOS


The Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Lawrence Omuhaka on Friday was in Arusha, Tanzania to attend to East Africa Community meeting.

Omuhaka attended the meeting as the Chairman representing Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya who was engaged elsewhere.

The meeting managed to discuss many issues that affect farmers across East African Countries and how they should be managed.

Some of the key issues that were discussed during the one day meeting included; How to improve agriculture across the member states, improved animal husbandry, certified fertilizer for crops.

They also managed to highlight on effective ways of dealing with destructive crop pests and how to unite as the neighbouring countries in fighting hunger and drought.

Agriculture is the back borne of East African countries and as thus governments are striving to ensure that its residents have enough food for use and surplus for sell.

While addressing the press, Omuhaka called on residents of member states to engage very much in agriculture to ensure they have enough food in their tables.

“We are great producers of food because of our favourable weather conditions, let’s put more efforts in agriculture to stop lacking food in our tables,” he said. 


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