Apostle Accuses Uhuru For Double Standards Over Coronavirus Directive


A religious leader in Bungoma County has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta for displaying double standards in the implementation of Covid-19 protocol.

Apostle Francis Khaemba of Christian Restoration Centre in Kanduyi says that it was wrong for the head of state closing churches while allowing other sporting activities to take place.

“The anti-christ spirit is emerging in the country and has allowed the government to close down Churches in Western and Nyanza regions while allowing the sporting activity Safari rally to go on this is wrong,” he said.

Khaemba accused the head of state of speaking from both sides of his mouth by allowing Safari rally world championship in Nakuru and Naivasha that attracts huge crowds while closing down worship centres.

He lamented that it was saddening for the same government to allow men of cloth to preside over funerals  while banning Church services.

“Let the government open places of worship because religious leaders are in position to speak to God and allow the global pandemic to disappear for good,” he said.

Khaemba added that as religious leaders they are perturbed by the closure of Churches where people congregate to ask God to intervene and end the global disease.

“We want the government to rescind the decision and open Churches because we offer spiritual healing, we pray for the sick, the jobless and those facing different challenges in life,” he said.

Khaemba revealed that it was wrong for security agencies to assault religious leaders found conducting online worship sessions through ZOOM.

“That’s the only means of us reaching God’s people, worship and pray together, let the government allow us back in Churches as long as we adhere to all health protocols,” said Apostle Khaemba. 

He said that it is only through communicating with God in Churches that their prayers can be heard. 


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