The Face Of A Woman Demanding Sh25M From Lusaka For Child Upkeep Revealed


The face of a woman that has sued Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka over unborn child upkeep has finally been revealed.

Irene Mutaki is a Bungoma politician and had at one time been nominated by Ford Kenya party in 2017 at the Bungoma County assembly but the position was snatched from her and awarded to Luke Opwora.

Irene stays in Nairobi but comes from Webuye East constituency in Bungoma County.

Lusaka was the first Bungoma County governor and was dethrone from the powerful post by the current governor Wycliffe Wangamati in 2017. 

The woman is seeking Sh200,000 per month in support for her unborn child.The woman is also seeking an order requiring the Speaker to pay a total amount of Sh25 million.

This is if he is unable to meet his monthly obligations of Sh200,000.

The woman alleges that, as the father of the unborn child, he has refused to fulfil his obligation to support her by providing for her and the unborn child’s necessities.

“That the respondent despite being a man of means, has refused and ignored to take care of the applicants pre-natal clinics necessary to ensure the wellbeing of the unborn child perhaps in the hope of stressing the applicant and causing a miscarriage of their unborn child,” reads the court documents.

She claims that she has been dealing with pregnancy difficulties that could endanger her unborn child’s life, and that Lusaka has continually refused his association with her despite the fact that he is well aware that they have been having unprotected carnal knowledge together for years.

“Parties have been having a jolly intimate affair punctuated with several instances unprotected carnal knowledge since the year 2018 up until about two months May 2021,” she said.

When they disagreed strongly after the applicant disclosed that as a consequence of their unprotected sexual encounters, she had conceived a child,” reads court papers


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