‘Purported Video Of Mukhisa Kituyi Online Is Photoshopped, Very Malicious’ Concerned Kenyans


A section of Bungoma residents have come out and stood with Presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi over a nude video doing rounds on social media.

“Our attention has been drawn to the FAKE and malicious video doing rounds on social media purporting to be a representation of Dr mukhisa Kituyi,” said Martin Shikuku.

The press release goes a head to state “Close examination shows it is so fake.This notwithstanding we want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the malicious, uncouth and barbaric act of defamation against a distinguished international personality of Dr Mukhisa’s repute and statesmanship,husband,”.

They said that the allegations are FALSE, baseless and politically instigated in light of 2022 general elections by cowards.

“Since His excellency Dr mukhisa Kituyi announced his presidential bid, his competitors have been having sleepless nights.There are fundamental reasons why most Kenyans want Dr mukhisa Kituyi to be the next occupant ofstate house,” read the statement by a group calling itself Mzalendo.

It states Dr Mukhisa Kituyi’s vision is to roll out a sound and solid economic recovery plan, he plans to addressamong other things, the following;

1.The ballooning national and Foreign Debt
2. Enhance fiscal discipline to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment in the country.
3. Fight against corruption and money laundering.

4. Solidify the rule of law,boost Kenyan brand and Enterprise Kenya across borders and
5. foster unity and national integration devoid of ethnicity and ethnic tensions.

We are warning the perpetrators that the law will take its own course but as supporters we won’t allow this primitive act of indecency by short sighted Persons to distract us from thecourse.

There are agents of luhya disunity, some of them are our brothers and sisters who stand for no Noble course except selfish ambitions of self enrichment through looting of public property.

“Mulembe nation won’t be divided ever because we have got Dr mukhisa Kituyi whom we shall all rally behind and therefore we urge kenyans to stay focused on the right things emitting positive energy,” read the release.

There are important issues ahead that need our attention such as addressing:1. Corruption and money laundering which is killing our economy and Youth Enterprise.
2. Failed leadership both at national and county levels.
3 misuse of public money and resources on shambolic projects.
We believe those are the issues that deserve attention from now moving on.

The evil and selfish conspiracy going on has zero impact on us Voters and supporters of MK.”If you are a True Mzalendo stand up and be counted”.


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