Lobby Group: Wangamati Must Respect His Employers, Stop Threatening Them


Story/Tony Wafula

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati troubles have piled up as he is accused of misuse of public funds and threatening people’s lives.

Bungoma Civil Society members now want county commissioner Samuel Kimiti to take a stun action against Wangamati.

The members led by the Director, Center for Good Governance, Phillip Wanyonyi Wekesa an activist, blamed Wangamati for using public funds to hire goons to whom he commissions to cause chaos in funerals.

“As human activists we are tired with Wangamati’s leadership, he has instilled fear in our people, I am asking DCI to take a stun action against him,” said Wekesa.

However, Wekesa appealed to county Health ministry to tell the public on the measures the county has put in place to fight fourth wave of Covid-19.

“We have seen other governor’s giving a press release on their preparedness to face the fourth wave, but here in Bungoma their work is to exchange bitter words on social media and eruption of chaos in funerals,” he said.

Wekesa blamed the ministry of environment, water and natural resources for failing on it’s role adding that a good number households in Bungoma are not connected to the supply of clean water.

His sentiments were echoed by Lumumba Wekesa who asked Wangamati to concentrate on the developments and a void involving youths into fist fights in funerals. 

He accused  Wangamati on the recent action where he  threatened Royal Media services reporter Jimmy Simiyu on allegations that Simiyu filled a negative story on him.

Lumumba asked Journalists to do their job without fear adding that human activists have come up with a new mechanism to deal with rogue politicians in the county.

“From the incidents that has happened in funerals, as human activists we have come up with mechanisms to deal with naughty Politicians like Wangamati,” said Lumumba.


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