Observe Mutual Respect, Media Council of Kenya tells News Sources, Journalists


The Media Council of Kenya has asked Journalists and the public to have mutual respect so as to allow a space for media to thrive.

The media regulator stated that the bad blood between news sources and the media was a result of lack of poor mutual working relationship.

Addressing the Press in Bungoma on Friday, Dinah Ondari the MCK manager in charge of press freedom, safety and advocacy, said that they were in the region to listen and investigate the challenges and the conflict that arose recently between a journalist and the County government senior official.

“We are here to listen to both parties on what exactly happened and see if the issue can be solved amicably to allow a level playing ground, we will also write a report that will help in getting an intervention,” she said.

Last week, a journalist with Royal Media Services Sulwe Fm’s Jimmy Simiyu and Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati, the latter claims he was threatened over a story touching on the County government.

This led to a daylong demonstration by local journalists who petitioned the state to protect and allow them a free space to carry on with their duties of informing the public without intimidation from any quarters.

She called on news sources and subjects to have an obligation to respect the freedom of the media and allow them space to carry on with their duties and stop interfering with them.

“Political leadership and public officials to ensure that they support the work of Journalists and also ensure that they don’t interfere with their duties,” said Ondari.

On the part of Journalists, she called on them to have an obligation to respect news sources and ensure that they follow the journalism code of conduct.

“We need to work as mutual partners to reduce the unnecessary friction that can cause the bad blood between the two entities.

The MCK regulation manager Terrence Minishi said that any Journalist or sources need to file to the Media Complaints Commission if they are aggrieved.

“If the source or the journalist feels aggrieved over an issue they should forward their complains to the Media Complaints Commission so that justice can be realized,” he said.


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