Drama in Bungoma As Governor’s Aides, Supporters Fight With Disgruntled MCAs


Drama ensued in Bungoma County as governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s aides and supporters and a section of Bungoma county MCAs engaged in a fist fight.

The fight led to the injuring of Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa.

Chaos erupted at a burial ceremony in Tuuti village, Kanduyi sub county on Saturday.

Seats went flying in the air, anything and everything was used as a weapon, as Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa felt the wrath from a section of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s close allies after addressing the mourners.

This comes barely a day after a show of mighty at the Bungoma County Assembly, after a section of the anti Wangamati MCAs faced it with Maendeleo Mashinani Initiative reloaded MCAs which is afilliated to Governor Wangamati over the second supplementary budget stalemate.

The MCA who were attacked reported the matter at the Bungoma police station.

“My life is in danger , despite the fact that I’ve reported the matter twice, no action has been taken. I leave it all to the almighty God, Lwandanyi Mca Tony Barasa

“I don’t know why the county commissioner is doing nothing about this incidences, this is not the first case, every weekend Wangamati is attacking somebody,” said Leader of Majority Joseph Nyongesa, Mca Tuuti Marakaru.

They’ve called on the inspector general of police hillary Mutyambai to come to their aid and stop such attacks on leaders.

A section of the member’s of the County Assembly called on the assembly and the executive to work together, for the benefit of the common Mwananchi.

“Let’s work together as the executive and the legislative wing, the people of Bungoma want to see developments in their areas not fights, Mca Bukembe West Anthony Lusenaka.

“If we criticize the Government it doesn’t mean we hate the governor, we are just playing our oversight role, Nominated MCA Luke Opwora.
Governor Wickliffe Wangamati condemn the incident, saying it was unfortunate for such an incident, promising the youths on the appointments of village administrators.

“We don’t want politics of wars and fights, we want peace in Bungoma, but when you criticize constructively,” Governor Wycliffe Wangamati


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