Cheptais: Assistant Chief Arrested With A Form Two Girl In A Guest House


Members of the public in Cheptais market almost lynched a national government administrative officer after he was caught in bed with a student.

The enraged members of the public were alerted by the lodging owner after he suspected his client of picking a student as his sex partner.

Sasur Sub Location Assistant Chief was on Monday evening caught with a form 2 student at Kikwetu lodging in Cheptais town. 

The victim is a student at a local secondary school.

“This is after the owner of the lodge raised the alarm forcing members of public to invade the facility and forcing the administrator and girl out.

“Police from Cheptais police station arrived on time and saved the culprit from the public lynching,” said Masuti Chemasuet, an eye witness. 

Both the culprit and the victim were rushed to Cheptais Sub County hospital to be examined.

However, in a new development, police vehicle carrying the two lovers was seen speeding off from the hospital to unknown destination. 

Chemaswet stated that further investigations revealed that Cheptais Sub County hospital administration had declined to examine the culprits because the daughter of the assistant chief is a nurse in the facility. 

The hospital administration said there was a conflict of interest and whatever the outcome of their examination could be viewed as compromised and therefore asked police to take the case to other hospital.

Maendeleo ya wanawake Mt Elgon chapter Chairperson Eunice Chepchumba who is also the Director of Dynamic Rights Care Center condemned the incident and revealed to follow it the bitter end.

She stated that the Assistant Chief is being held at Bungoma police station awaiting to be arraigned in court. 

“We can’t sit down and watch leaders ruining the future of innocent girls and especially students, the administrator will serve as an example, we will not condone teenage sex, give girls a space to access education not to be used as sex tools,” she said.

The organization in collaboration with Save The Children have organized a two day consultative workshop on CHILD PROTECTION to be held on June 9 and 10 at a Bungoma hotel.

The following leaders have been invited among other stake holders and they include; DCC Cheptais, DCIO, Children’s Officer, Social Officer, OCPD, SIPU-Commander, KEPSHA, KESHA and Information Officer. 


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