Wamboka Contributes Sh20,000 To Cater For The Late Knut Official’s Daughter Who Is Set To Join Form One


A Bumula politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has contributed Sh20,000 towards the education of an orphan.

Wamboka said that he will also enroll the late Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) official to his education foundation so that she learns through the bursary kitty.

Shyline Mutama a daughter to the late unionist Meshack from Mabusi village in Bumula will get the full bursary from the foundation to take her education in whichever school she will be called in.

The late Mutama was buried on Saturday after passing on at Bungoma West Hospital two weeks ago.

He suffered from acute lung failures which could not be resuscitated.

“The demise of Mwalimu Mutama who was a teacher at Libolina primary school and also a Bumula Knut BEC m member is not only a loss but also a tragedy to the community and the teaching fraternity,” he said.

Wamboka revealed that the late Mutama was a champion of education and his legacy will still live on to inspire other educationists.

The philanthropist encouraged mourners and Bumula residents at large to invest in education as it is the only enabler in the society.

So far the Wanami Wamboka Foundation has invested over Sh2 million with over 200 bright and needy students benefiting from the kitty across the vast constituency.

He called on school head teachers to identify more needy cases and bring it to his attention so that his foundation can chip in where possible.

“We are only supplimenting the  CDF bursary kitty, am not competing with anybody, am using my little resources to help the needy cases in the community.

Wamboka has also helped Mama Mbogas, Wajane and other needy cases so that they can be empowered economically.


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