Wamboka Donates 30 Bags Of Cement To Nandingwa’s New Disciples Global Ministries Church In South Bukusu


A Bumula politician Jack Wanami Wamboka has donated building materials to a Pentecostal Church in South Bukusu Ward.

The Philanthropist in is usual give back to the society strategy said that Churches play a pivotal role in helping shaping the society and improve their moral understanding of God’s work.

Speaking at Nandingwa New Disciples Global Ministries church in South Bukusu ward after donating 30 bags of Cement, Wamboka stated that he respects the Church because it has raised him to where he is currently.

The Church being among the vital societal pillars, Wamboka has anchored his campaign on religious podiums by supporting the church and propelling his 4 Agendas. 

“With the little resources God has blessed me with, I will always support the construction of his dwelling so that worshippers can worship in nice places,” he said.

Wamboka has been instrumental in supporting worship centres across Bumula constituency by donating construction materials and has vowed to carry on until all Churches are in good conditions.

“I suffered as a young boy, our Churches were under trees and bad weather could sometimes disrupt worshipping,  I am therefore standing with majority of them financially to ensure the current generation worship in nice places,” he said.

The cement will go towards the completion of the church and he committed himself to continue standing with the church before proceeding to fellowship with other worshipping centres.

Meanwhile Wamboka met with “Mama Wajane” in Bunambobi on Saturday
Being acutely aware that this is among the constituency in the society consisting of elderly women with various basic needs shortcomings , he denoted several bundles of foodstuffs including maize floor, sugar, cooking oil etc. 

In conformity to his food security agenda Wamboka will continue undertaking such programmes of providing necessary basic needs across the constituency.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Said Wamboka.


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