Hope At Last As Businessman Clears Fee Balance For Final Year KMTC Student: PHOTOS


It was a sigh of relief for a poor final year medical student after a renowned businessman and philanthropist cleared his school fees.

Christopher Lugalia had dropped out of the medical training institution after his parents failed to raise fees for their son.

Lugalia who studies at Kenya Medical Training College Bungoma branch had dropped out of the training institute but his predicament was raised by a good Samaritan on social media something that touched the philanthropist.

Lugalia who hails from Pombo Tano village of Bungoma Township ward, Kanduyi constituency is pursuing a diploma in nursing.

The Nairobi and Western based businessman cum philanthropist Joseph Lendrix Waswa says that he was touched by the student’s predicament and opted to clear Sh34,000 fee balance.

“The fee balance was threatening to his future, his parents had tried but they were now stuck, I value education and I would not wish to see a determined student dropping out of college, he will be our future hero,” said Waswa.

He added, “I suffered as a young man, my parents could not afford two meals a day, I understand what poverty is, education is the only equaliser that will change their fortunes in future,”.

Waswa who has been instrumental in supporting education in Bungoma County has also helped in raising funds for construction of class rooms and facilitated many students in different learning institutions.

He also has ambition of pursuing politics in 2022 if the rumours doing rounds is anything to go by.

The move to clear the student’s fee balance will see him sit his final year examinations in July 2021 and will eventually qualify  to be a warded a certificate without having fee arrears.

Youth leaders led by George Wekesa who presented the cheque to the beneficiary advised him to concentrate on his studies so that he can rescue his parents and the community from the jaws of poverty.

“You are lucky to have received this assistance, there are a number of students who haven’t gotten it, use this opportunity to show your sponsor that you appreciate his help,” he said.

Wekesa also asked youths to shun useless politicians who are out to use and dump them for their own benefit.

“Majority of youths are educated, they only lack jobs, let politicians empower them financially instead of using them for their own selfish interests,” he said.


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