Wamunyinyi Tells Off MCAs Against Fighting Wangamati Over This


Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi has told off members of the County Assembly against sabotaging Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

Wamunyinyi who is a close ally of Wangamati stated that it was wrong for ward leaders to continue fighting the county CEO for their own selfish interests.

Speaking during the award of CDF bursary funds in his Kanduyi office, the law maker was infuriated by the infighting which he said would sabotage development in the region.

“The infighting between the executive and the assembly is hurting development, it was good if all leaders worked in unity to ensure the county is developed, we are not interested in this underground mechanization,” he said.

Wamunyinyi pointed out that the removal from the budget funds meant for the construction of the 6.5 Kilometers Sang’alo junction-Kanduyi market dual carriageway was a sign of poor working relationship between the two government arms.

The legislator noted that the road if completed will open opportunities for the locals, beautify the town and hence opening employment opportunities for it’s dwellers. 

“This is pure sabotage so that the governor is seen as a failure, MCAs are fighting him for their own selfish interests, let them agree on the working formulary that will benefit voters,” he stated.

He added, “Focus on your mandate and stop undermining and fighting the county government, you were elected or nominated to serve your people, the infighting is a sign of cowardice,”.

The Ford Kenya Mp asked MCAs to stop the infighting and focus on developing the region so that the electorates can benefit more.

“You are against the employment of village administrators, youths need such employment opportunities so that they can also fulfill their family obligations, fighting such a noble idea is tantamount to cutting a tree that you have already climbed on,” he warned them.

Off late Bungoma County Assembly members had signed signatures in a bid to impeach Bungoma governor but some of them changed their tune and were allegedly bribed to scuttle the process.

“The Assembly Public Administration and ICT committee Chairman Majimbo Okumu had indicated that they would impeach Mr Wangamati for his failure to incorporate MCAs in the budget making process.

He stated that the governor had announced to employ Village Administrators yet there was not budget allocation.

“Our efforts to summon him to appear before the assembly committee to share more light on the availability of the funds were thwarted after the governor sent a letter pinpointing at the grey areas of their summon and hence he wouldn’t attend,” said Majimbo. 


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