Wamalwa: 10 governors facing graft charges, 20 under investigation


Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has disclosed that 10 governors are facing corruption related charges while 20 of them are under investigation.

However, he never mention their names as the public anticipated.

Speaking during an interview with Royal Media Services Luhya radio stations, Wamalwa stated that any corrupt leader must face the law.

“You were not elected to amass wealth through stealing from the public coffers, we trusted you to take care of our resources and develop our regions,” he said.

He added, “I laud our investigation agencies for being thorough to help in nabbing corrupt leaders, all governor’s who think that they are above the law they will be in for a rude shock,”.

He noted that those whose fingers will be found in the cooking jar, will face trial as an individual because they are responsible for the occasioned losses.

Wamalwa pointed out that majority governor’s misused the Covid-19 cash and they didn’t follow the procurement rules while purchasing the equipments to fight the global pandemic.

He stated that Western region counties were hard hit by covid-19 cash cases and most governors will be kept to task.

“Corruption should be fought by all means, no stealing of public resources will be allowed, those who think of fixing their juniors will be in for a rude shock,” he said.

The CS called for the Strengthening of  whistle blowers institutions on corruption related cases so that they are well protected. 

“This is the only way to end corruption in the country so that our resources are safe and it can help develop our counties instead of being used by greedy individuals,” he said. 



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